Andrzej Horoszczak

CEO, Billion
Age 46, Poland
for making electronic money simple

About Andrzej Horoszczak

Andrzej Horoszczak is the founder of Billon, a complete digital cash solution on mobile phones and computers. He worked as a programmer on Wall Street. After 10 years in the financial industry in New York, he moved to Poland, where he was CEO of a medical online publishing business. Frustrated with the lack of monetization solutions, he sold his business to create Billon.

Billon digitalises paper cash into electronic blockchain files that can be moved instantly and for free between any users who have a Billon application. These files are stored in Billon app which is compatible with every smartphone, tablet and computer with any software. Billon also makes micropayments cost-effective opening the Internet to business models that would previously have been impossible. Mr. Horoszczak's company works with and for the banks, and it meets the most recent regulations made by Polish FSA, as well as the European eMoney Directive.