Anton Gavrailov, Tihomir Nedev

Co-Founders, ‎Flyver
for creating an open-source drone app development platform

About Anton Gavrailov, Tihomir Nedev

Agriculture, security, insurance, oil and gas – these are the industries that can now benefit from Anton Gavrailov's and Tihomir Nedev's new innovative solutions in the drone industry. Both entrepreneurs by nature, fascinated with drone industry, they decided to unite their knowledge and passion for it in their efforts to maximize the benefits of using drones by end consumers and businesses while performing everyday practical tasks. While most developers in the industry are concentrated on improving the hardware of drones, Anton Gavrailov and Tihomir Nedev aim at improving drones’ software.

Looking for best solutions to achieve that goal, they started Flyver, which is a free framework and marketplace for developers to build, test, publish and monetize their drone app ideas. The architecture of Flyver is modular so that everyone is able to take the pieces he needs. “Our idea is for the developers to have the ability to code apps for drones as easily as they do for smartphones“.

While Mr. Gavrailov is in charge of securing funding, building and executing the company’s strategy, Tihomir, being exceptionally talented in engineering, provides technical solutions for the company. Flyver is being financed by Launchub. The profit of the company comes from people who download the apps from the Flyver platform in order to personalize their drones. Anton Gavrailov and Tihomir Nedev believe that drones have immense potential able to completely revolutionize the work of most industries.