Dmytro Dubilet

Head,; CIO, PrivatBank
Age 32, Ukraine
for crowdsourcing state administrative services

About Dmytro Dubilet

Dmytro Dubilet is the co-creator of - an internet service for people to request from governmental institutions different official documents. The project is still in progress, but Ukrainians already can save dozens of hours standing in lines to get, for example, a report from tax office on how much taxes they've payed, or to register a company, or to request a new passport (and hundreds of other services). He is also consistently using social networks to communicate about the progress, as well as to gather feedback and requests from Ukrainians.

Mr Dubilet's initiative started with a Facebook post. He called on other information technology specialists to volunteer to make the delivery of state administrative services more convenient and efficient. More than one hundred people responded to the call, and they are now actively developing the project after the portal launched in June 2015.