Grzegorz Brona

CEO, Creotech Instruments; Assistant professor, University of Warsaw Faculty of Physics
Age 37, Poland
for reaches new heights in the space sector

About Grzegorz Brona

Grzegorz Brona is a co-founder and the CEO at Creotech Instruments - a company he started in 2012. The ambitious objective of the company is the conquest of space. In a short time the company got certified by the European Space Agency and joined international space projects. In 2014, Creotech was spotted by the Polish State, what resulted in the purchase of shares of the company (the first such investment in Poland in a SME private company), and enabled the establishment of production facilities dedicated to space systems, the first such in Poland. Creotech Instruments is involved, among others, in missions for study of the Sun, or high layers of the Earth's atmosphere (from the deck of the International Space Station). On 19 October probe EXOMARS2016 reached Mars, and Creotech Instruments was involved in the production of the probe, and just before that, on 5 October the largest repository of the ESA Earth observation data, developed by Creotech Instruments was launched. Looking to the future, in 2017 there will be the launch of the first of telescopes co-created by Creotech Instruments, and being an early warning system for the Earth about threatening asteroids. And in 2020, the first satellite integrated by Creotech Instruments will be launched into space, and it will be the first Polish commercial satellite. The satellite is going to improve the safety of navigation in the Baltic Sea. Grzegorz Brona fulfills this way his childhood dream of traveling into space.

In addition to space business, Creotech Instruments provides equipment for particle accelerators (such as the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research CERN), and for fusion reactors. The company also supports numerous projects from medicine, to security and energy.

Mr Brona is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University, a specialist in quantum theory and a former employee of CERN, where he held managerial positions. According to the ranking of Google Scholars (Webometrics), Mr Brona is the most quoted Polish scientist. Grzegorz Brona is also a member of the Polish Space Agency and co-owner of several other innovative Polish companies including ones in 3D printing.