Hayk Asriyants

Founder & President, Startup Armenia
Age 32, Armenia
for reviving Armenia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
startup ecosystem

About Hayk Asriyants

Hayk Asriyants is one of the pioneers and key figures in Armenia’s reviving entrepreneurial ecosystem. From 2012 to 2015, he has served as the Host of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Armenia, igniting the entrepreneurial movement through dozens of programs and events such as Armenia StartUp Cup business model competition, Armenia-Turkey Startup Weekend and Armenia-Lebanon Ultralight Hackathon.

In 2015, Hayk established Startup Armenia, a think-tank focused on policy and initiatives aimed at developing entrepreneurship in Armenia and across the world. Being passionate about helping startups grow, Hayk dedicates time to coach and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. He is also a frequent speaker and facilitator at innovation and entrepreneurship events and conferences.