Ivo Boscarol

CEO, Pipistrel
Age 61, Slovenia
for being a leader in light aircraft design

About Ivo Boscarol

Ivo Boscarol is a sailplane and hang-gliding enthusiast, founder of Pipistrel who is leading light aircraft designer. His model became the fastest ultralight in the world (reaching speeds of up to 300 kilometers an hour), and in 2004, a Pipistrel model became the first ultralight aircraft to circle the globe. The exceptional performance and design of Pipistrel’s aircraft began to attract international attention. Orders started coming in from around the world, and in 2007, NASA recognized Pipistrel’s Virus model as the personal aircraft of the future. A year later, the U.S. magazine Popular Science named another Pipistrel model one of the most important innovations of 2008. Then, in 2011, NASA recognized Pipistrel’s Taurus G4 model as the most efficient electric aircraft in the world. The prize, presented in partnership with Google, came with a $1.65 million award, invaluable global publicity, and a request by NASA for the winning aircraft to be placed in its museum. Pipistrel also received the European Business Award for the most innovative company in Europe.