Jakub Jan Fiala, Ondřej Kočan

Creators, Improve Yourself
Age 20, Czech Republic
for bringing innovation to education

About Jakub Jan Fiala, Ondřej Kočan

Jakub Jan Fiala, based in Kadaň is a 19-year-old co-author of Improve Yourself English course and a highschool student, who decided to something with boring English courses and bring the innovation to learning English. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time playing piano and riding a bike.

Ondřej Kočan, also based in Kadaň an 18-year-old highschool student and co-author of Improve Yourself. Mr Kočan is that guy who stands behind the face of Improve Youself, he is responsible for the entire graphic design. Ondra is also an enthusiast tennis player who loves English by heart.

Improve Yourself, a new English textbook designed for B1-B2 students, aims to excite and motivate teachers and students by making learning current. Engaging content with a strong focus on grammar, facts about the English-speaking countries combine with developing communication skills to make this book a hit for both teachers and students.