Jana Adamcová

Founder, Institute for Digital Economy
Czech Republic
for shaping the discussion on digital economy
digital economy

About Jana Adamcová

Jana Adamcová is founder and chair of the Institute for Digital Economy, a non­governmental organization. It initiates and supports expert discussions on digital economy, Internet and cultural and creative industries development among users, public and private bodies, and among academic, public and non­governmental sphere. Institute for Digital Economy generates expert studies, positions and analysis. It organizes workshops and conferences and collaborates with international partners. Its main focus is as well on education of private and public sphere representatives.

She has master degree from Philosophy and German philology. She has a 14-years experience both from public and private sectors in the area of national level strategic management. Her expertise is R&D and industrial policy, public diplomacy and emerging industries such as cultural and creative industries and digital economy.

For many years Jana Adamcová has engaged in public policy and consultancy. Until recently she was a strategic advisor at the Office of the Government (R&D and digital technologies).