Joachim Jakubas, Grzegorz Koper, Marcin Markowski

Founders, Blood Analyser
for saving our lives

About Joachim Jakubas, Grzegorz Koper, Marcin Markowski

Joachim Jakubas, Grzegorz Koper and Marcin Markowski are students of three different universities: Military University of Technology , Cracow University of Technology and the University of Science and Technology. Together they studied at the Technical Electronic high school in Połaniec and that's when the idea for the device, which will identify the blood group even in 3 minutes.

Blood Analyser - because that is the name given to the device , specifies your blood type in just 3 minutes. The device can be particularly useful at the scene of the accident where there are many victims. Using Blood Analyser rescuers can inform the medical facility that blood should be prepared. In the absence of a particular blood group the victim can be transported to a suitable hospital.

At present, the founders of Blood Analyser are searching for companys that will put the machine on the market and help them commercialize .