Leszek Grabarczyk

Deputy Director, The National Center for Research and Development
for showing innovation in administration
startup ecosystem

About Leszek Grabarczyk

“The greatest obstacle to the development of innovation is the Polish administration’s lack of innovation,” claimed Leszek Grabarczyk during a debate at the European Economic Congress.

Mr. Grabarczyk himself is proof he was not entirely right. Mr. Grabarczyk serves as the Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research and Development, an agency of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He graduated from the National School of Public Administration and before joining the center spent few years at the Ministry of Science. Despite his provocative statement about Polish administration, he is perceived as a reliable and creative civil servant.

The National Centre for Research and Development has from its beginning focused on fostering dialogue between science and business. Among the many programs they run, the center helps young scientists plan their research as well as to cooperate with businesses.

We can be sure that Poland’s spending on research that will rise in the following years will be curated well by Mr. Grabarczyk.