Lucia Desmarquest

Vice President, University Lecturer, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Age 37, Slovakia
for improving the quality of life of senior citizens
senior citizens

About Lucia Desmarquest

Lucia Desmarquest is acting as a University Lecturer at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where she is currently leading a course on the anthropology of finance, focusing on social change, elites and trust in the East and West. She describes changes to the social construction of trust and mistrust creation within financial and wealthy elite networks, and their consequences on local and on global level. The course also addresses issues of rising inequalities, the role of financial markets, new technologies and sustainable finance.

In addition to her academic work, she also currently holds the position of Vice President at Société Générale Private Banking Switzerland. Have previously been active in CEE, she now covers Russia and the CIS market. Ms. Desmarquest is Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AkSen - aktívny senior o.z. in Slovakia and AkSen - aktivní senior in the Czech Republic. Since 2008, the organisations have focused on improving the quality of life of senior citizens, fighting loneliness and promoting independence using innovative digital means but also by active work on the ground. She has been working on transforming the organisation along the lines of social entrerprise, enabling it to have bigger and more sustainable impact.

Ms. Desmarquest successfully defended her Ph.D. in the area in Social Anthropology at the University of Fribourg after having spent a final year of writing up at the University of Cambridge, UK. She gained her Masters in International Development at the Economic University in Bratislava, having also studied at Universities Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble and Lyon 2. In addition, she has completed the Executive Course "Governing for Non Profit Excellence" at Harvard Business School.