Maria Staszkiewicz

Deputy Executive Director, Aspen Institute
Age 36, Czech Republic
for making Central Europe innovation and creativity-friendly place
European Union
digital economy

About Maria Staszkiewicz

Maria Staszkiewicz, the deputy director of the Aspen Institute Prague Office, has been an ardent promoter of the digital revolution in Czech and Central European policy. Earlier this year she headed first ever cross-country research study on crowdfunding in Central Europe and within the Aspen office she has developed the theme of creative placemaking in the region. Actively involved in promoting changes for innovation policies in the Czech Republic, she continues her efforts to build up understanding among regional policy makers on digital economy’s potential for V4 countries.

The Aspen Institute Prague is the Central European partner of the Aspen Institute global network. It serves as an independent platform where professionals from all walks of life can meet and interact. The aim of the Institute is to facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation and to support young Central European leaders in their personal and professional development.