Mariusz Ciepły

Founder, LiveChat
for facilitating better communication for customers

About Mariusz Ciepły

Mariusz Ciepły is the founder and CEO of LiveChat Software, a Polish manufacturer of communication software for business, which boosts US market.

LiveChat is a tool that is used for direct communication between site visitors and its owner. For the end user it has the form of a chat window placed in the website. In turn, the website owner can access the application directly from a web browser or via a dedicated application.

The purpose of the product is to support or replace traditional sales methods conducted in the company. LiveChat helps fast and intuitive touch with customers visiting the company's website or online store. In addition, the application obtains information about customer behavior on the website, which is an important source of knowledge in the process of sales, service and customer support. LiveChat's product is aimed at all companies, whose common feature is the need to communicate with customers on the Internet.