Martina Drahošová

Head of Business Development, ixworx
Age 28, Slovakia
for bringing product exploration to the 21st century
empower women

About Martina Drahošová

Martina Drahošová leads business development at ixworx - a 3D technology startup in Slovakia. She came back to Slovakia after living in the UK for 4 years, graduating from LSE. Despite many people frowning upon the decision to come back Ms Drahošová believes in great potential of Central & Eastern Europe.

With both parents engineers she was always faced with technology and after coming back to Slovakia realised even more how big the technology talent there is - yet how little confidence and thus sales results. After jobs in the national parliament and consultancy she took it for her mission to 'sell this great Slovak talent'. She joined an 'all male' startup team and added business and sales focus. This resulted in various things - from complete workspace redesign, internationalisation of the team, second round of VC led funding to opening new market possibilities - currently as part of the EU delegation in India.

Martina Drahošová believes in technology coupled with human purpose, that future is more female, more kind and 3D interactive.