Mehmed Agović

Age 66, Bosnia and Herzegovina
for strengthening independent media in the Balkans
freedom of speech

About Mehmed Agović

Mehmed Agović is the editor-in-chief of, the first non-commercial news site in Bosnia and Herzegovina that relies solely on donations from its readers. The site was launched by the Centar za Nezavisne Medije in order to strengthen independent media in the Balkans, build political awareness, and promote critical thinking.

Before launching, Mr. Agović worked for both national and international media, gaining vast experience in mass media, their strategy, organizational development, planning, human resources, and management. He places special emphasis on an independent public broadcasting media, he believes in its contribution to the democratic processes and the promotion of social cohesion and tolerance in multinational societies and countries in transition such as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mr. Agović is one of the initiators of the Association of Public Broadcasting Services in South Eastern Europe and the founder and the first president of the Centar za Nezavisne Medije. He is also in charge of communications at the non-governmental organization International Forum Bosnia, whose main goal is the analysis of the work and support of independence, freedom of expression, professionalism and development of media in Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Eastern Europe.