Michał Borkowski

CEO, Brainly.com
Age 30, Poland
for making social networking educational
startup ecosystem

About Michał Borkowski

Brainly.com is a social learning network, which operates in the education sector. They are a student driven platform for homework help. They build a highly collaborative community, in which students exchange knowledge and skills. This gives them the possibility of solving their school problems with their peers online. Brainly, with 40 000 000 monthly users, is available in 35 countries in 12 languages.

Michał Borkowski holds a bachelor degree in Corporate Finance from Warsaw School of Economics. He started his business career when he was still a high school student. Before Brainly, Mr. Borkowski co-founded Q&A networks, and found that subject-specific Q&As perform better than general Q&As. That was the original inspiration for Brainly.