Michał Mikulski

Age 31, Poland
for empowering physiotherapy
startup ecosystem

About Michał Mikulski

Michał Mikulski is the designer behind the Luna EMG robot, specialized in muscular rehabilitation. This automaton’s capabilities can be adapted to each patient’s specific needs, which allows the Luna EMG to be used not only to treat patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but also any person suffering from muscular paralysis or limb paresis.

Luna EMG might not look that advanced, but the robot is a technological marvel. It is packed with force sensors and equipped with a six-channel electromyograph to monitor muscle activity. Its operation is controlled by more than a dozen microprocessors and it supports the rehabilitation of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, wrist and ankle joints. There are also a number of interchangeable add-ons available, including a steering wheel designed for the rehabilitation of drivers.

To make recovery faster and more enjoyable - especially for younger patients - rehabilitation exercises can take the form of computer games. These include steering a spacecraft to avoid asteroids, or aligning balls in a row.

EGZOTech has received many accolades and attracted interest from Japan and Silicon Valley.