Mikuláš Kroupa

Director, Memory of Nations and Post Bellum
Age 42, Czech Republic
for taking historical sources online

About Mikuláš Kroupa

Born in 1975, Mikuláš Kroupa is a journalist and publicist from the Czech Republic. Since 1997, he has been best known as a radio publicist. He has worked for Radiožurnál and Vltava, as well as for the foreign service of Czech radio station, Radio Prague. Between 2004 and 2006 he was employed in the Czech section of the BBC World Service. Apart from his work on the radio, he also publishes articles in many local newspapers such as Hospodářské noviny, Lidové noviny, Rozhlas Weekly, Nový Polygon, MF Dnes, Parlamentní zpravodaj, and others.

Back in 2001, with other journalists and historians, he founded Post Bellum – a non-governmental non-profit organization which documents the memories of witnesses of important historical phenomena of the twentieth century and which tries to pass these stories on to the broader public. In 2008, along with Český rozhlas and the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, he established the Memory of Nations. The aim of this project is to link and interconnect oral history recordings that are focused on similar topics (especially those related to totalitarian regimes) from all over the world and create an extensive database of witnesses’ first-hand accounts. This database, open to the media and educational institutions, enables people to examine the recent history using credible sources. Tackling this topic from such an innovative angle, makes it more interesting and easily accessible for everyone. The project won the Inforum Prize as the best information initiative of 2008.

Apart from heading the Memory of Nations, Mr. Kroupa works as a reporter for Plus radio station (part of Český rozhlas, public radio broadcaster) where together with Adam Drda, he leads the Stories of the 20th Century series.