Nickolay Andonov, Anton Tsenov

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About Nickolay Andonov, Anton Tsenov

Anton Tsenov is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Start It Smart, the biggest entrepreneurship club in Bulgaria. As part of his work in the club, he has helped develop its biggest project - Start It Smart | Pre-Accelerator - an intensive 10-week training and mentorship program for first-time entrepreneurs. Widely successful, the program has attracted over 150 participating startups, a lot of which have already developed into successful companies, raising more than 1 000 000 EUR funding.

A firm believer in the importance of education and the need of its constant improvement, Mr. Tsenov has also founded the company Mind Mapping. With numerous trainings in schools and universities across Bulgaria, it has helped over 3 000 people to boost their creative thinking. His current endeavor Join The Players, a startup run together with Nickolay Andonov, is aiming to bring the experience of football players to the next level by providing video recording, completely automated highlights and statistics of their games.

Recently Mr. Tsenov co-founded, an open network initiative that aims to recognize, promote and foster the potentially successful sectors of the Bulgarian economy.