Paula Bruszewska, Marcin Bruszewski, Rafał Flis

Co-Founder, Social Wolves
for encouraging social entrepreneurship among young Poles

About Paula Bruszewska, Marcin Bruszewski, Rafał Flis

Paula Bruszewska together with Marcin Bruszewski, and Rafał Flis co-founded The Social Wolves foundation and organized the first nationwide social entrepreneurship competition for high school students in Poland Exempt from Theory (Zwolnieni z Teorii). Teams of high school students develop projects addressing the most pressing issues in their communities. They compete with each other for the main prize and are being awarded project management certificates in the process. Introducing the elements of gamification and competitiveness to the program proved attractive – Zwolnieni z Teorii has become the third most popular high school Olympiad in Poland in its first year.

The Social Wolves were semi-finalists of Forbes 30 Under 30 $1M Change the World Competition and have received two Effie Awards Poland, as well as the European Youth Award in “Active Citizenship” Category.

“Volunteering is all too often considered a waste of time by high school students in Poland. We aim to change that perception, arguing that it gives people precisely those skills that make them stand out on the job market,” claim The Social Wolves.