Pavel Machalek

CEO, Spaceknow
Czech Republic
for predicting the future by decoding the past

About Pavel Machalek

Pavel Machalek earned his undergraduate degree in astronomy at University of College, London. After receiving his degree he traveled to India, where he taught physics to Tibetan refugees at a High School in the Himalayan Mountains. In 2004, Mr Machalek made his move to the United States seeking a joint Master’s and Ph.D. in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University.

In 2013 he founded Spaceknow, a venture-backed startup based in Silicon Valley. Spaceknow’s mission is to bring transparency to the global economy by tracking global economic trends from space through their Analytics-as-a-Service products. Spaceknow offers analytics products for a wide range of commercial and governmental clients across all major industries. Pavel Machalek and Jerry Javornicky founded Spaceknow together to help the world’s firms, governments, NGOs and individuals to track, measure and optimize the flow of global commerce.

Using satellite technology Spaceknow’s team seeks to bring prosperity, security and peace to the world by making the global economy more transparent.