Peter Arvai

CEO, Prezi
Age 38, Hungary
for being an ambassador of innovation
startup ecosystem

About Peter Arvai

Peter Arvai came to Hungary from Sweden to become CEO and co-­founder of Prezi, an established innovative presentation software company, whose software is used by over 28 million users from over 190 countries. He also established the world’s first mobile newsreader to follow TED Talks. People feel empowered, seeing examples like Prezi, and know that if you work hard, and have a little bit of luck, you can build a globally successful brand, encourages Mr. Arvai today. That’s when he thought of encouraging more Hungarians to become entrepreneurial and developed a non­profit association Bridge Budapest that puts his idea into practice. It is offering a fully financed fellowship program for Hungarian university students (graduate and post­graduate) and journalists to gain practical experience at high tech companies. Mr. Arvai also launched, a company that helps patients compare treatment outcomes between hospitals.

In 2012, in an interview for The New York Times he admitted that one of the challenges is that people just don’t know that these amazing companies are being built in Hungary. His statement applies to the whole of so­-called New Europe. Countries from Estonia to Croatia, from the Czech Republic to Romania, are still not expected to be hubs of great innovation. We have not succeeded in communicating to the world that New Europe is a competitive place, characterized by daring ideas and the spirit of entrepreneurship.