Peter Badík

Co-Founder, GreenWay Operator
Age 39, Slovakia
for riding the fast lane in an electric car

About Peter Badík

Peter Badík is the force behind GreenWay, a Slovakian company pioneering a low-cost battery swapping system for electric delivery vans. GreenWay customers, after paying a flat fee, are able to rent these electric vans. Their business model allows to drive 200 km per charge and assumes the creation of charging stations. The company is a pioneer of a low-cost and practical battery swapping system for delivery vans.

Greenway’s plan is to rent electric vans, with users paying for actual miles driven in one single fee, which includes everything from insurance to electricity, maintenance and online fleet monitoring. The plan is to use cheap night-time electricity. Their swap station is designed to accommodate six batteries. But for those who can’t handle a long lead time, there’s a fast 60-kW charger available.

GreenWay applies complex and integrated business model for real life use of commercial electric vehicles. All risks related to new technology are managed within the system, away from the client.

Mr. Badik is also a director of Slovak Electric Vehicle Association.