Peter Pellegrini

Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization
Age 42, Slovakia
for empowering Slovakia on the Digital Single Market
startup ecosystem
Digital Single Market
digital economy

About Peter Pellegrini

Peter Pellegrini is the Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic. Throughout his political career Peter Pellegrini has been a promoter of digitally empowered Slovakia. He looks far into the future of the education system, making e-skills a priority to ensure growth and prosperity. Mr Pellegrini also advances the objectives of Digital Single Market, which he believes will move forward the prosperity of Slovaks as well as the whole EU. He has been selected as a Digital Champion for Slovakia, an EU appointed position to promote the benefits of an inclusive digital society.

Peter Pellegrini has been instrumental in implementing Slovak national strategies that promote digital economy. From his current position he aims to create bridges between the public and expert community to facilitate implementation of forward-looking ideas. His main objective is to significantly improve eGovernment services, increase investments and make the use of EU structural funds more transparent and effective. As a Digital Champion he has endorsed numerous activities and projects aimed at increasing digital literacy and promoting digital technologies, including creation of Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economy, which promotes startups and innovative ecosystem in Slovakia, or the School Dance project, which connects basic principles such as creating a team, recording a dance video and making interactive posters.

Peter Pellegrini started his career as an economist. In 2006, he was elected MP for SMER-SD party and served as a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy and Committee for the Review of NSA Decisions and the Mandate and Immunity Committee.

After the 2010 general election, he again became MP for SMER-SD and a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Finance and Budget and the Parliamentary Committee for the Review of NSA Decisions. He was elected MP for the third time in the early election held on 10 March 2012. Mr Pellegrini held the post of State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (2012 – 2014). In 2014 he was appointed Minister of Education and several months later he became Speaker of the Slovak Parliament.

Mr Pellegrini graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica and the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University in Košice with specialisation in finance, banking and investment.