Rafał Brzoska

CEO, Integer.pl/Inpost Group
Age 40, Poland
for bringing innovation to postal services

About Rafał Brzoska

Rafał Brzoska of InPost, a private postal services company, has thrown down the gauntlet to the monopolist Poczta Polska (Polish Post). Nobody really believed in his endeavor. Everything was at odds against him: small resources and an enormous task to accomplish, not forgetting regulatory matters concerning consignments weighing less than fifty grams, which he outsmarted by adding metal badges to all letters sent by InPost.

Today, Mr. Brzoska has not only won a number of the battles in the David-and-Goliath fight, but has also started international expansion. He established a business called easyPack by InPost, which enables the sending and collection of parcels 24 hours a day. Currently, the company boasts around 2,500 easyPacks on four different continents, and is planning to add 10,000 more by 2016. Mr. Brzoska graduated from the University of Economics in Cracow. He developed the Capital Group from scratch, which us currently valued at 680 million zloty. He ranked ninth in the “50 most creative in business” by Brief in 2011. Newsweek Polska ranked Rafał Brzoska one of nine “Polish Business Tigers 2010.”