Stefan Batory

Founder, Booksy
for introducing new high quality customer service

About Stefan Batory

Stefan Batory is the founding-father of many succesful projects: company software house eo Networks, iTaxi concept, allowing you to order a taxi by a dedicated application on smartphone and his youngest idea - Booksy a innovative system that facilitates booking appointments online.

Booksy began its adventure in July 2014 in the USA, in this time acquiring more than 2,000 business customers. A few months later, they had their debut in Poland, which managed to establish cooperation with 300 business partners in different cities.

In total, since then with the help of Booksy they already recorded more than 150,000 visits totaling more than $ 4,000,000. In a few words Booksy allows you to book visits to showrooms and service - including a barber, beautician, physiotherapist and masseur.