Stefania Druga

Founder, HacKIDemia
for enabling kids to use their curiosity

About Stefania Druga

A Romanian national based in Berlin, Stefania is a true “citizen of the world” with multilingual skills (Romanian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian) and unique background. As a former Google employee, Stefania has experience in web search infrastructure and international open education programmes. In 2011-2012, she created invention labs for kids in Paris and Cambodia. Her specialties are STEM education, curriculum design for inquiry-based learning, entrepreneurship, communities of practice, hardware kits for education and public speaking.

She is currently participating in a programming bootcamp and working on a learning recommender system. Stefania Druga leads HacKIDemia, a global network that designs workshops and kits enabling kids to use curiosity, play, and empathy to solve global challenges.

Ms. Druga wants to inspire the kids for a better tomorrow and give them the (digital and electronics) tools to build it. She contributes to enabling children to become makers and not consumers. The aim is to empower children so that they can solve problems in their local or global community through play, empathy and design. First they learn how to programme or solder and after they pick a meaningful project they want to work on together with their friends in their community: make a solar panel, improve solutions, make an app that monitors people happiness, etc.