Tadeusz Chełkowski, Michał Krawczyk

Founders, Patronite
for supporting gifted individuals on a regular basis

About Tadeusz Chełkowski, Michał Krawczyk

Patronite is a relationship building platform that helps gifted individuals obtain subscription-based funding and grow meaningful relationships. Patronite, created by Tadeusz Chełkowski and Michał Krawczyk, fills the gap between Spotify and Facebook acknowledging the fact that there is a shift in music listening behaviour towards formats that do not generate income.

For artists, it’s a way to make a living from music, paintings, online videos or art and stay independent. For the patrons, it’s a way to gain access to exclusive content like a pre-release video clip, exclusive tickets or a face to face meeting with your favourite artist. It’s not just about donation, it’s about building subscription-based financial relationship.

Patronite is a people funding portal, it uses the existing crowdfunding and e-commerce business models. The difference is that they encourage recurring monthly payments, assuming that in order to obtain sustainable funding for talented people there is a need to attract individuals and big businesses.