Tomo Križnar

Peace activist
for using technology to fight injustice

About Tomo Križnar

Tomo Križnar is a peace activist, notable for delivering video cameras in Southern Kordofan to the local ethnic Nuba civilians in order to help them collect the evidence of North Sudan military's war crimes against them. He is currently raising funds with H.O.P.E. foundation for Internet access and cameras for Sudan and is preparing a new documentary describing the experience of testing the cheapest flying cameras in the Nuba Mountains. Drones make it possible to kill innocent people, but they can also be used to prevent violence - like in the Congo, where they were used to significantly reduce violence and almost put an end to a ten-year war. Drones and cameras could be used in Sudan as well to effectively prevent the most horrific atrocities taking place as the African indigenous peoples are being exterminated in areas where the owners of capital are fighting for control over natural resources.

He is publishing movies on Youtube and also hosted in 2015 in European Parliament in Brussels. Since 2009 they delivered over 1,500 pieces of equipment. Of this 742 photo and video cameras, 60 laptops, 15 sets of satellite internet, 7 flying cameras - quadcopters, and many other computer accessories, solar chargers, generators ... All with a total value of € 180,000. The natives used all this to make a lot of invaluable footage, which can be used as evidence in the International Criminal Court. But the cameras also deter the assailants from attacking as they are afraid of being caught on tape because of their relatives and the courts. A shocking statement by the humanitarian coordinator of the rebels, Mr Suleiman Jamous, sums up the vital importance of this form of help: “Small cameras from Slovenia do more good in Darfur than 20,000 members of the peacekeeping mission.”