Zana Karkin

Executive Director, BIT Alliance
Age 34, Bosnia and Herzegovina
for her impact on economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina
startup ecosystem

About Zana Karkin

Zana Karkin is the executive director of BIT Alliance, an organization that promotes and supports education in the IT sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The BIT alliance aims to make BiH a recognisable IT destination. Ms. Karkin co-sponsored a flagship six month intensive BIT Camp, a boot camp backed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, designed to develop crucial ICT skills, with practical training from experienced IT practitioners.

In a country like Bosnia and Herzegovina, where unemployment among young people is one of the highest in Europe at over 50%, this initiative is unique as it gives people a real chance to turn their life around while at the same time supporting long term economic growth.

Zana Karkin is also the co-founder of ‘Do IT’, a small group of IT enthusiasts dedicated to helping civil society organisations and government institutions, as well as international organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. ‘Do IT’ uses technologies in an innovative way, to drive impact and social change.

Zana grew up in the besieged Sarajevo and has dedicated herself to re-building a peaceful and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina. She developed a specialised e-learning platform Moc Znanja to help, inspire and empower mine victims and she is also the founder of Sitan Vez, a community dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage and the multicultural character of BiH through lectures, debates and other events.