#NE100 Dinner in Budapest

NE100 Team

#NE100 Dinner took place in Budapest last week. We had the pleasure to meet the Hungarian NE100 challengers, as well as organizers of the project to discuss our plans for the future. Nina Kov and Kristof Deak from InfoAid app, a simple application that helps in distributing important information and updates for refugees, told as more about their product, which will soon be available on iPhone. Gergely Böszörményi Nagy from Design Terminal shared his plans for the second edition of Brain Bar Budapest, Central Europe's only festival on ethics and technology, which will take place in June 2016. We also had a chance to hear some news from Sandor Lederer (K-Monitor), Szilvi Koleszár (SKOOL), Peter Arvai (Prezi), Veronika Pistyur (Bridge Budapest) and Bertalan Meskó (Medical Futurist).