#NE100 Talk with Filip MolĨan

NE100 Team

Disway is a database that helps people with disabilities to navigate through cities. How exactly does it work?

With Disway, we’re building not only a database of places with information about accessibility for handicapped travelers. With Disway, we want to build a social network for handicapped travellers. So you can find someone with a similar handicap who was there and connect with him. We want to build international community of people who would love to travel who will benefit from other’s experience.

How many cities do you cover so far and what are you plans for expansion?

We currently cover hundreds of cities, but mainly in Czech Republic and Europe. Our plan is to cover more cities all over the world. Currently, we’re looking for our new ambassadors, who could help us with Disway in their country. Also, we’re working on our mobile app so we can be in your pocket while traveling.

Disway is not the only project you are involved in. You are also the creator of Good Sailors and PIXBUF. Could you tell us more about those two projects?

Good Sailors is the first company I’ve founded. In 2002, we started Good Sailors as a company which will try to find meaningful work for the handicapped. After 13 years, it helped tons of handicapped and started a lot of projects. Disway is one of it - it started in Good Sailors too. We’re doing software development, we have an art studio for Warhammer gaming ( and other projects. Currently, we have around 24 employees and more than 80 % of them are handicapped people. Pixbuf is my small startup trying to help photographers with sharing photos to all social networks, photography services and getting analytical data about their photos. It’s something like and Google Analytics, but for photographers.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by nature. I live in a small village in the mountains of Bohemian Switzerland National Park in Czech Republic. Wandering through the woods gives me energy and inspiration for my projects. On weekends, I work as a voluntary park ranger here and it is my time-off.