#NE100 Talk with Inga Spriņģe

NE100 Team

What are the latest news from Re:Baltica?

The year has started on a busy note in Latvia and therefore in Re:Baltica, too (not that we remember the time when it was different). Latvia will not only have a new government, but also the new head of the banking regulator soon. The reason is the increasing pressure of USA to clean up the act regarding the ex-USSR money laundering via Latvian non-resident banks.

We have also done a simple explanation on how a billion, stolen from Moldova and laundered via Latvian banks, among others, changes the country. For those who are not familiar with Latvia's role in the money laundering world, we have prepared a short reminder.

And for those who understand Latvian, here is a short video, too. For those who do not, just add up the numbers and all will be clear.

How can people support your work? 

Latvian efforts in combating money laundering will stay in the focus of Re:Baltica this year. If you want to support this work, here is how

Inga Spriņģe is an award-winning investigative journalist, broadcaster and is one of the two founders of Re:Baltica. She started her career in 1998 in Latvian Television, and later moved on to work as investigative journalist in the leading Latvian daily Diena. She specialised in uncovering the cases of corruption, smuggling and links to the organised crime. In 2010/2011, Spriņģe became Fulbright/Humphrey scholar and spent a year in University of Maryland. Working as an intern in the Washington Post and the biggest US non-profit investigative journalism organisation, The Center for Public Integrity. After return to Latvia she established Re:Baltica and almost single-handedly introduced topic of the social inequality in the Latvian politics and public discourse. She won the Best Investigative Journalism award from the Latvian Journalism Association for this work. In 2014 Springe was named as one of the "outstanding challengers from Central and Eastern Europe" in the project New Europe 100 supported by Res Publica, Google, Visegrad Fund and Financial Times. Until 2015, Spriņģe hosted weekly TV show 1to1 in Latvian Public Television. Spriņģe is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Re:Baltica is a non-profit organization that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Founded in August 2011, they focus on in-depth investigations of socially important issues in the Baltic region, such as corruption, crime, finances, entrepreneurship, health and human rights. Their journalism encourages transparency and reform. Re:Baltica is based in Riga, but works all over Baltics and beyond.