#NE100 Talk with Jaroslav Křivánek

NE100 Team

Each week we are asking one of the New Europe 100 challengers about their most recent projects and plans for the future. This week we’re talking to Jaroslav Křivánek, a researcher, developer, and university professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles at the University of Prague. Jaroslav is working on new computer graphic technologies and is the creator of Corona Renderer, which could be used for visualizations in architecture and industrial design.

What are you up to these days?

Probably like most researchers in graphics, I’m recovering from the frenzy that always precedes paper submissions to the SIGGRAPH conference. I cannot reveal what our paper is about because that would break the submission anonymity, but I can say that we’ve made really nice progress on some of the difficult unresolved issues in realistic rendering of 3D scenes. I am sure that PIXAR et al. will be interested in using our work to make their next movie. In the next couple of days, I will be fully focusing on the release of our commercial product, Corona Renderer. We’re hopefully launching a brand new website, and the release of Corona 1.0 will follow very soon – we’re in the process of fine-tuning the details. Corona is already a great tool for making realistic visualisations; and we still have quite a few interesting new ideas on how to utilize our research to make it much better than the competition. It’s a lot of fun work. In the long run, I really want to start looking into using our research results in more, say, serious domains than “making pretty pictures”… I know of a few researchers in nuclear science and medical physics that would like to collaborate. What will come out of this is unknown. And I like that.

What gadget has impressed you recently?

Easy: Solowheel. I really admire the guy that was able to navigate the crowded streets of London on this most peculiar means of transport I’ve ever seen.