Brain Bar Budapest 2016

NE100 Team

Brain Bar Budapest (2-4 June 2016) is where the challengers and trendsetters from across Europe and beyond give us a glimpse of what’s to come. Brain Bar kicks off where other festivals throw in the towel. Organized by one of the #NE100 challengers, Gergely Böszörményi Nagy, BBB takes the hottest potatoes and toss them into the interdisciplinary oven with extra paprika, letting ideas and visions challenge each other. Philosophers take on disrupters. Technologists clash with ethicists. All interspersed with music and performance from artists with unique and unpredictable slants on what the future holds.

BBB will also bring together some of the NE100 Challengers who will meet during a creative workshop.

Six NE100 Challengers will also appear at BBB as speakers:

  • Paula Bruszewska
  • IonuČ› Alexandru BudiČ™teanu
  • Gyula Feher
  • Jaanika Merilo
  • Teele Pehk
  • Dávid Vitézy