Cooperation is the future of innovation

New Europe 100 Team

It doesn’t matter, if they work in the fintech sector, prefer green technologies or science laboratories. Import is not the background but what they do - applications, products, ideas, whichmake our lives better. By September 15th you can nominate yourself or another person to New Europe 100 list. Just fill in the short form at

Banal is to say that the future arises today. It’s more difficult to create this future. Only cooperation in this area will help to create innovative solutions for the region, Europe and the world. The New Europe 100 organizers are looking for the challengers who, through new technologies, improve our everyday lives. They can be nominated by September 15th via website or the social media - Facebook or Twitter. All you have to do is write a candidate's name, short justification, and #NE100. It takes no more than 2 minutes.

For the fourth time, the New Europe 100 organizers are gathering to select this year's top 100 innovators from publicly-nominated individuals and teams. This year's election is accompanied by the conviction that it is worth discovering outstanding people, promoting as the creators of the future of our region, but also inviting you to cooperate in the networking New Europe 100.

- Our ambition is to focus on those whose projects will decide the future of tomorrow. Each year we publish a list of 100 new innovators who, using the digital revolution, change our way of doing things, set new trends, and often have global successes, and come from Central Europe. This year, for the first time since the announcement of the first edition in 2014, we also create a network to strengthen cooperation between winners and open up cooperation with public and private entities in the European Union - says Wojciech Przybylski, president of Res Publica, initiator of the project.

A new list of 100 innovators from Central and Eastern Europe will be announced in November 2017.



New Europe 100 is a network that connects individuals and teams from the list of Central and Eastern European innovators. The organizers of the project are Res Publica in cooperation with Google, the Financial Times and the Visegrad Fund and many other institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. More information at