GreenWay is a finalist for 2016 European Sustainable Energy Awards

NE100 Team

GreenWay, a company created by one of the #NE100 Challengers Peter Badik, is a finalist for 2016 European Sustainable Energy Awards - and they need your vote!

Competing against hundreds of other organizations from all over Europe, Greenway was selected as one of 9 finalists, and the only Slovak finalist, for the European Sustainable Energy "Best in Business" Award, for the company which made the most significant contributions towards building an economy built on clean, secure, efficient energy.

Greenway is also a candidate for the "Citizens Award" and need your vote to win!

Please take 2 minutes to help Peter in 3 ways:

1) PLEASE VOTE FOR GREENWAY and ask your friends and colleagues to also.

2) Thunderclap amplifies messages across the internet if your campaign gets enough clicks. Please SUPPORT THEIR THUNDERCLAP so people can hear what we're working on and gain more votes.

3) Please share this with your networks and ask them to vote for us too. Winning these awards would be invaluable recognition for us and the cause of electromobility.

GreenWay operates the most comprehensive network of electric vehicle charging stations in Slovakia. Our network enables our users to enjoy the comfortable use of their electric vehicles throughout Slovakia and abroad.