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NE100 Team

Photon is the first robot in the world that develops together with your child. It makes child’s first steps into the world of latest technology easy, fun and - what's the most important: highly educational.

Everybody loves to learn by experimenting. Especially children. But what if we could make these experiments more engaging and beneficial ? This mindset is present at every stage of your child’s development with Photon.

Photon was created as a solution to a widespread problem with developing children’s logical thinking ability. It is the answer to the lack of proper tools that could encourage children to learn new technologies and programming in an enjoyable and fun way.

Learning should be fun! Photon’s story motivates children to take action and gain knowledge while keeping them engaged in a fun, storytelling driven experience. Which child doesn't want to meet the robot from outerspace who had an accident and hit an asteroid? Broken spacecraft ? Not a big problem for the young explorers. Let them play together and set off for the great adventure to find the spacecraft's pieces scattered all over the world. 

During their journey together, they will meet many interesting characters keeping the missing fragments and not willing to give them back without a challenge. By overcoming every challenge Photon not only will retrieve pieces of his space ship but, what's more important, he will unlock new skills and abilities required in further way.

Photon is integrated with child-friendly application for smartphones and tablets that lets kids interact with their robot by giving him commands. The app was designed to be intuitive, easy to use and to allow children to be a part of some memorable adventures! They let kids to program the robot using an intuitive visual programming language, designed specifically for children.

The robot develops along his owner by gaining new abilities, senses and functionalities with each programming related task completed. Completing a quest to create a simple program may let the kid pick some sort of upgrade for Photon, like the ability to see or detect obstacles. This way, progress is visible right away and works as wonderful motivational tool.

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